Client Spotlight: Black Bird Knits

skeins of yarn

Given the saturation of electronic media and virtual stimulation that has overtaken our lives, the increasing desire many people have for all things hand-made and home-made should be a surprise to no one. These elements of personal, tactile experience are a touchstone for removing ourselves from the sometimes mind-numbing constancy of bright screens and perfect, synthetically constructed products that surround us.

For any of you attuned to the hand-made realm, especially those specifically interested in fine prints and textile arts, we proudly introduce our talented friend and client, Kate Fisher of Black Bird Knits.

Skeins & Frames

Flight 9 had the pleasure of working with Kate to create her logo and her website, which launched in August of this year. We are so impressed with the elegance and excellent design quality of Kate's original, downloadable knitting patterns, each of which are expert-tested and include variations for size adjustments.

Kiko sweater pattern
youth sweater pattern
scarf pattern
hat knitting pattern

Those seeking fine craft décor will also love Kate's original, hand-pressed woodblock prints and notecards depicting black birds in a fanciful world of hand-wound yarn and knitted nests. Her pieces are perfect for knitting aficionados, in particular, but should be quite pleasing to any fan of hand print work.

Checking Gauge print
hand printed cards

Whether we are creating or observing, humans have always intuitively understood that art and craft can have powerful effects on our minds. As an experienced art therapist, Kate Fisher knows this well. You could say that Black Bird Knits builds on this background by trading in "yarn therapy" and "aesthetic remedies"! 

Visit to learn more about Kate and browse her beautiful gift offerings… just in time for the holidays!

- Melissa

*All photos by Debra Wallace.