So, how'd you come up with that name?

Before the logo, before the launch, before the website, we had to conquer the daunting yet exhilarating challenge put to millions of entrepreneurs (and parents) before us: What name do we choose, and how?

This is never an easy undertaking. Names are the kind of thing you want to make sure you take time to get it right the first time. There was once a child named Lemonjello – yes, really, because my aunt was his school teacher – who is all grown up now and probably wishes his mom had taken an extra few minutes to ponder that decision. (Btw, in case you ever meet him, they pronounced it le-MAHN-je-low.)

Kelly and I each started with long lists. We discussed those, narrowing things down to about 25 and then went straight to the URL search. Because having a clean URL is still super advantageous, we knew we had to let this factor dictate our short list. Unless you want to pay hundreds, or thousands, of bucks for a $25 domain name, it can be a challenge to find the right mix of Appropriate, Memorable, User-friendly and Available. There are companies whose sole source of income comes from buying up attractive URLs and then selling them back to businesses for a profit. [True story: Kelly had to pay $300 to a guy named Joe Something* to get the rights to She wasn't happy with Joe, who was kind of a slimeball about the whole thing.] After finding out what was available, we were left with only 3 or 4 viable choices.  And we wanted to avoid going the way of the times with strange, invented words, lest with end up with something unspellable and completely detached such as Blarknerp or Dibblydo – and, if you hurry, both are amazingly still available at the time of this posting!

It took us a couple of weeks to assess our short list before we finally, and confidently, settled on Flight 9. There were many considerations that went into our nomenclature. Here's a synopsis:

  • In a word: Flight! Scores of positive connotations here! Our mission is to help our clients grow, fly, take-off, soar, launch … All captured in this one simple term. 

  • Double meanings. A flight of wine! We like drinking wine. And we like designing wine labels and wine branding even more than we like drinking wine. 

  • 9 is a high-end number. Kelly researched air travel and found out that flights designated with a single number, such as this, are indicative of high-end, specialty charters and the like.

  • 9 is for creatives. The 9 muses of Zeus are well-known for their mythological powers of inspiration to artist types. We kinda dig that. There is also a basic tenet of design philosophy called the Rule of Thirds. With nine, we get 3 x 3, which is, like, so much 3!!

We are happy to report that, as we near our one-year anniversary, all three of us are still happy with our chosen name, and we find it has anchored our brand development on a larger scale. 

Now that Flight 9 is fully airborne and gliding on a smooth, successful path, our name is proving to be an effective, lasting representation of who we are and the services and dedication we proudly provide. 

- Melissa