Knee-deep in the Water: Cape Cod Colors

'Tis the season for family vacation, and last week was my turn! My family and I headed to Cape Cod for our second-ever adventure there and had a fantastic time. 

July 12th view overlooking Barnstable Harbor, MA

July 12th view overlooking Barnstable Harbor, MA

The house we rented was, in Real Estate-speak, "a cozy, quaint and authentic cottage with historical charm." It also happened to be just steps from Barnstable Harbor, and I took advantage of our first night there to snap a photo at sunset – a requirement of all beach vacations.

Typically, when I think of Cape Cod, I think of weathered gray cedar shakes, New England blues, tan and white … maybe a pop of red here and there. I was surprised when, upon closer examination of this photo, I found such a bright color palette. There is of course the dusky gray sand, but I was surprised by the vibrant green sea grasses, and the rich lavender and hot coral hues of the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. 

We were greeted by colors everywhere, once I started looking for them: a virtual highway of hermit crabs with a speckled variety of shells, pink and purple granite, moon snails with iridescent pearly gray exoskeletons, blue and green sea glass … And every day a vast display of beach umbrellas created a polka-dotted shoreline. We were even treated with a thrilling and colorful post-4th of July fireworks display right on the beach. Rumor has it that the belated fireworks show was owed to foul weather over the official holiday weekend, but I prefer to think it was cosmically arranged as a celebration of our arrival.

- Kelly