Creative Partnerships: A Win-Win for All

At Flight 9, partnership is the basis of our secret sauce. Our genesis evolved from a longstanding working relationship between creative partners Kelly Powell and Melissa Boyack. The Fall 2013 launch of Flight 9 was a natural outcome of a collaboration that had been evolving over time. As both our freelance client lists and our families had grown over time, so, too, had our shared need for support, feedback and occasional backup.

Forming an agency was no-brainer, given our established track record of teamwork and compatibility. We already knew that our aesthetic sensibilities complemented each other and that our communication was easy. We share important strengths, yet we each bring our own specialized experiences and talents into the mix, such that the resulting collaboration is more than the sum of its parts.

This forms the core of an extended network of partnerships that inform and enhance everything we do. Most central to this network is Flight 9 Account Manager, Erin Julian. Erin provides the glue (and sometimes the wine) that holds us together as she helps manage deadlines, strategies and client outreach. She is the yin to our yang, the Felix to our Oscar, the Alice brain to our Brady brains. 

Beyond this 3-pronged nucleus, we are blessed to get to team up with—and refer people to, as needed—a score of talented photographers, illustrators, commercial printers, copy writers, technical web developers, social media experts and more. (We will profile some of them here in the future!) 

This professional matrix helps us deliver solutions to nearly any challenge. We know we can fulfill each of our clients' needs even when we haven't faced the same situation before. 

So, here's the deal: At Flight 9, we are wholly invested in the success of our clients. And creative partnerships, both internal and external, are our greatest tools. We will never walk away from a creative challenge because we know that the solutions are there, and we know where to find them.